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More Auctions For Japan!









Hey everyone, I got a few more items up for auction from Uber Entertainment and Harmonix. So if you’re a fan of Monday Night Combat, or Rock Band, please bid on these items! As always, all proceeds go to charity. These auctions are again to support disaster relief in Japan.

Full eBay list…

Monday Night Combat Shirts

Monday Night Combat signed PitGirl poster

Monday Night Combat signed Pros poster

Monday Night Combat Assassin statue & Mascot box

Beatles Rock Band Xbox 360 signed & Civilization Revolution faceplate


Auctions To Support Japan Disaster Relief








Healing Pack Disaster Relief Auctions On eBay

Breakdown of Auctions by Developer

I knew I wanted a job in the video game industry after I played the original Super Mario Bros. Even at that young age, I knew that the game came from Japan. As I grew up, culture and entertainment from Japan continued to intersect with my life, so much so that I had a ninja wedding and went to Japan for my honeymoon.

When I saw the tragic disaster that’s hit Japan recently, I wanted to do something. I knew however that I didn’t have enough money alone to make the impact I wanted to. I decided to gather up all of my Harmonix swag that I had collected over my five years working there and sell it for charity. Then I thought that maybe other game companies might also want to help, so I started sending e-mails and contacting other developers. I have to say that the response I got was far more supportive than I ever expected.

Over twenty developers have joined this charity auction effort and they’ve shown an amazing generosity that has made me prouder than ever to be involved in this industry. A lot of the items in these auctions are rare or one of a kind gaming merchandise, that you can only get through this effort. Beyond just getting amazing gaming swag though, you’ll be helping a great cause. With all of these auctions, 100% of the proceeds go to the Disaster Relief Effort in Japan. If you have the ability to help, please do; you’ll be rewarded by more than just an amazing prize.


If you’re a game developer or publisher and would like to add an item to this effort, please contact: [email protected]